Prince William and Harry’s relationship heats up again, this is the cause of the dispute

The feud has returned to overshadow the relationship between Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. William is said to be furious with the way Harry responds to Queen Elizabeth II’s statement regarding the dismissal of him and Meghan Markle from royal duties.

Buckingham Palace issued an official statement on Friday (19/2/2021), confirming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to official duties as senior members of the British Royal family.

Thus, their duties and responsibilities for several charitable organizations and foundations under the auspices of the Kingdom were removed.
In response, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also issued statements. “We can all continue to live and serve. Devotion is universal,” the response was quoted as saying by People.
These words triggered William’s anger. According to The Sunday Times source, Kate Middleton’s husband was “deeply shocked and disappointed” by Harry’s remarks. Harry and Meghan Markle’s behavior was described as “insulting and dishonorable”.

“You don’t need to reply to the Queen’s statement. This has never been done,” said the source.

Queen Elizabeth II also emphasized that resigning from royal duties does not allow them to continue their responsibilities and duties related to public service. Prince Harry’s military honorary title will also be revoked and returned to the Queen, to be given to other members of the kingdom who are more entitled.
Not only that, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will also lose royal protection as public servants. Both of them no longer hold the title of His Majesty (His / Her Royal Highness).

Even so, this couple who has been blessed with one child — and immediately welcomed the birth of their second child — can still retain the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Even though we are saddened by their decision, the Duke and Duchess will remain our dearest family members,” continued the announcement.

Prince Harry also will not lose his inheritance rights as the son of Prince Charles. Prince William’s younger brother remains sixth in line to the British throne.

This is not the first time that Prince Harry and William’s brotherly relationship has been torn apart. British media have said they were at odds after Harry decided to leave the senior membership of the United Kingdom in early 2020.

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Soojin (G) -I-DLE Accused of Bullying, This Drakor Actress Allegedly The Victim

The Korean entertainment industry is in shock with reports of bullying cases. Not just one or two people, as many as six artists were forged by gossip who had committed bullying, one of them was Soojin (G) -I-DLE. Recently, netizens suspected that actress Seo Shin Ae was Soojin’s victim of a suspicious Insta Story post.
Soojin (G) -I-DLE has denied that he was ever involved in the bullying case he was accused of. This case started when a netizen ‘opened his voice’ about the bullying he experienced during middle school. It was reported that Soojin had called the man and his brother to the bathroom and slapped them. Then another accusation emerged regarding Soojin’s behavior which was said to be unpleasant.
This case was discussed more and more after an actress was suspected of being one of the victims. Is Seo Shin Ae, a Korean film and drama player who is known to have attended school with Soojin (G) -I-DLE. This was triggered by an Insta Story that reads ‘None of your excuse’ in the middle of a heated conversation about this issue. Previously there were allegations that someone with a nickname similar to Shin Ae had been bullied by Soojin.
“When he talked about bullying at school in an interview, you bumped into him. I don’t know if you remember but I was next to him. You brought a bunch of male and female friends and asked if you really treat him like that,” wrote netizens.
The netizen also accused Soojin of talking about Seo Shin Ae on television as if their relationship was fine. “The worst thing is when you appear on tv later on and say with a smile about how you and he went to school,” said the source.
Seo Shin Ae herself admitted that she was a victim of bullying during middle school. The 22-year-old woman said that while filming the show High Kick, she was mistreated by her friend. The ‘W’ player is also active as an anti-bullying ambassador and has often appeared in several dramas on the issue, such as Solomon’s Perjury and Nalaola (Soar Up).
“My friends at school teased me, calling me ‘bbanggu ddonggu.’ They teased my acting career and how I was an ‘artist.’ I was in the sixth grade when I appeared on High Kick. Bullying happened until middle school. Because of that role, I was. it’s often said to be dirty but it’s not, “he said in 2012.

Cube Entertainment’s agency in charge of Soojin (G) -I-DLE has also stated that the accusations are not true. Meanwhile, Soojin himself has written on his fancafe stating the same thing even though he admitted that he had tried smoking. Now Seo Shin Ae’s Instagram account is flooded with protests from Soojin (G) -I-DLE fans because they are considered cornering the idol.

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